My Not-So-Daily Diary

April '03

Sunday, April 20, 2003

     I apologize.  This has gone from the 'Not-So-Daily Diary' to the Not-So-Weekly Diary.  And that's not good because, like Herbert stated this evening, I have things to say and photos to post.  Maybe that's part of the problem.  I have so many things that I want to share here and I feel a bit overwhelmed.  So I do nothing.  But, in my defense, we've been very busy and that's helped me procrastinate.

     Today, we slept in and then went out to get a little shopping done.  It's a lazy day and... oh yeah, I almost forgot.  It's Easter Sunday! 


Happy Easter!!!

     It's easy to forget here in Taiwan where the Eastern religions don't celebrate the Christian holidays.  As we walked around the city this afternoon, I noticed that there wasn't a single sign of Easter.  No signs in the store windows announcing 'Easter Sales', no holiday greetings on the doors of restaurants, no little girls walking down the streets holding their mom's hand and wearing new Easter dresses with paten leather shoes on their way to church, no hopping bunnies and no baskets filled with chocolate eggs. 

     This afternoon, Herbert asked me what I wanted to do today, I asked him if it was Easter.  We had to think about it. We decided it was.  I told him I thought we should do something 'Easter-y'.  A couple of years ago, we had dyed eggs together at my house in Minneapolis, and Herbert jokingly asked if I wanted to do that today.  I reminded him that we could go to the corner market and buy some colored eggs - black eggs.  They're a common Chinese food that is sometimes called 100 year eggs and sometimes 'chemical eggs'.  Either way, you'd never find me or my mouth near one. We decided to basically forget about Easter this year.  However, it at least warranted a mention here.

     I did finish one of the new photo pages today.  The photos were taken last month when we went to the National Palace Museum with our friends Jerry and Eric. 


New Photo Page!


     I also took all of the old entries from March and put them on their own page.  I figured the page would get to long if I let it go on and on.  You can still read old entries by following the link at the top of this page that says 'Read entries from previous months' or by the link at the bottom that says 'Last Month'. 

     I'm not caught up, by any means, but this was a start and now it's time to stop. 

     For those of you in Europe, in the middle of your Easter, and those of you in the States, at the beginning of your Easter Sunday, I wish you a very happy one.  Ours is over, at least for this year.


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