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October '05





Monday, October 31, 2005


     First of all... Happy Halloween. It's not much of a holiday here in Switzerland, but I thought I'd say it for those of you who do have kids ringing the doorbell asking for candy.

     This is going to be a cheap entry. I've thought about this site many times in the month of October and I've had the time to write. I simply haven't had anything to write about.

     For the first half of the month, Herbert was in Asia and it was quiet around here. It was the first two weeks of Natacha living with us and we spent many of our evenings catching up on DVD's we hadn't seen.

     I also started getting ready for the cold weather that's coming and did a lot of knitting. I made three hats, two pairs of socks, a pair of mittens and have almost finished a cardigan I had started months ago.

     Since Herbert's been home, we're back to our 'normal' social schedule - things like dinners, lotto matches (bingo) and birthday parties. But I don't have any pictures to show and no real Swiss stories.

     On the 21st, I went on the annual fishing trip. Two years ago, like most of the people in our group, I didn't catch any fish. I had missed the trip last year because I had been in the States. I'm happy to report that I caught four good-sized trout this year. If you want to talk about the 'ones that got away', I caught a total of eight. But four of them took off with the bait, the hook and half of the line. It seemed like they were much hungrier than they were two years ago. I even baited my own hook with a night-crawler. For those of you who may be reading and be shocked by my gutsy-ness, don't be too impressed. After seeing the blood on my fingers from the first one, I appealed to the helpfulness of the guys to bait the rest of my hooks. In the end I had to stop because my reel broke. I didn't mind. It's a good excuse to by a new one for next year.

     Well, that's it. Guess we're all caught up and I still have time to eat dinner and get to choir practice. Sorry about the lack of news. I'm just cheating a bit on that promise I made in January to have at least one entry each month. And somehow I'm feeling like this constitutes an entry. If you feel the need to complain, there's an email link on the main page. I'd love to hear from you.


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