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November '05


November 24th



Thursday, November 24, 2005


     Herbert and I were in Munich all last week for the Productronica PCB Trade show. We had a lot of fun in the evenings going out to dinner with Herbert's co-workers. However, I didn't do any site-seeing like I've done in the past. Although I love Munich as a city, it was my fourth time there and there are only so many times you can visit the same museums. During the daytime while Herbert was at the show, I did a little shopping, a little walking and a little relaxing in the hotel. I also visited the show on three of the afternoons.

     While I was at the show, I was offered some work of reviewing some English documents for a German company. I've done the same type of work for Herbert's company over the past three years. But this project is quite a big one and I'm trying to get it done by the end of next week. I've spent most of the day today working on both this project and preparing materials for the ladies' English lesson tomorrow morning.

     A little while ago, I really felt like I needed a break and looked up at the clock to find that it was already 3:00 in the afternoon. I thought about how quickly time flies when you're working and then laughed to myself because it's been quite a while since I worked for a full day. Okay. Yeah, I do work full days when I clean the house, iron, etc. But none of that is really brain work. I decided to walk away from the computer, make myself a cappuccino and sit out on the patio to enjoy a bit of the 3.3C (38F) sunny weather that we're having today.

     I walked outside and instantly smelled the wonderful aroma of Oberwil. One of our neighbors, Hugo, had just sprayed his fields with manure. It reminded me of our garden this past summer and the two large pumpkins that are still sitting in the garage waiting to be chopped and frozen, while threatening to become diseased with mold. Knowing that my schedule is hectic for the next two weeks leaving little time for pumpkin chopping made me question whether or not we really need a freezer full of kurbis cubes. But, I've come to enjoy putting pumpkin in our Asian stir-frys and we make a really good pumpkin soup.  And there's always pumpkin pie. 'Wait a minute!' I thought. Pumpkin pie? November? What day was it today?

     I had completely forgotten that it was the fourth Thursday in November. Today was Thanksgiving. It was still early in the States, but some people were probably just waking up to get a head start on cleaning and stuffing their Thanksgiving turkeys. It's a holiday in the States. No school. No work. Just a relaxing day of eating with family. And what was I doing? Putting in one of the longest work days I've had in years.

     I decided to take a longer break than I had planned and to use the time writing a quick journal entry. So here I am. Still on the computer, but not feeling at all like I'm working. The translating can wait a bit. It's a holiday today. And I'm not even going to think about the six to seven hours of ironing that's piled up in the laundry room.

     In the past two years, Herbert and I have made a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for family and friends. We decide a month ago that we'd skip it this year. Our schedules are just too busy and everyone has to work all day anyway.

     So, what are we having for dinner this evening? Assorted appetizers and small apple pies. Strange? Not really. This Saturday is the annual Christmas dinner for Herbert's cooking club. It's the only time during the year that they invite their wives/girlfriends to join them. And each year, a different guy is responsible for the menu. This year, it's Herbert's turn.

     He waited until the other night to create the menu and he's still not sure about the appetizer or dessert. On Tuesday evening, Natacha joined us and we made a variety of appetizers and a baked apple in phyllo dough from some of my American cookbooks. That was our dinner. The appetizers were all good, but we want to try modifying one of the recipes by adding crab meat. We also weren't real thrilled with the phyllo dough. So tonight, we're modifying and cooking and eating a hodge-podge of recipes that may or may not be on Saturday's menu. Not really a Thanksgiving feast, but a necessary project.

     Guess I better get back to work so that I'll have time to help Herbert in the kitchen this evening. For those of you reading in America, here's a turkey for you...



    It's the only one I'll see until Christmas.

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey induced comas.




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