Funny Faces

(from the White Elephant Party)

December 7, 2003

(photos follow text)






     These are photos of the beautiful people from the White Elephant Party. (If you haven't seen the party photos, go here.) Back in Minneapolis, when my friend Sherry and I had our White Elephant Christmas parties, we always took group photos at the end. Sherry always asked us to take one photo where everyone made a funny face. This year, in Oberwil, I found out that Laurence went around and asked everyone to make a funny or scary face so that she could take a photo. I found the coincidence of this to be very interesting. I have to say that the Swiss do have the Minnesotans beat when it comes to funny faces. Some of the photos that Laurence took are hilarious and some are downright scary.

     Laurence told me that she warned everyone that the photos could end up on my web site. However, if you find a photo of yourself here that you absolutely don't want to share with the world, just let me know and I'll remove it. (I might even ask Herbert to translate that last sentence into German so that most of you that are pictured here will actually be able to read my offer of compassion.)

     I hope you enjoy the photos and have as much fun viewing them as we had in making them.


The resolution of all photos has been reduced

to help speed up the time it takes for them

to appear on your screen.  If you would like

the original of any photo, just send me an email

with the title of the page and the number(s)

of the photo.


(click on any photo to see a larger image)

Um lange Wartezeiten beim Bildaufbau

zu vermeiden wurde die Auflösung

der Fotos reduziert. Sollte jemand von

euch an einem Originalfoto interessiert sein,

so sendet bitte eine Email mit dem Titel

der Seite und der Bildnummer an mich.


(um zu Vergrössern bitte Bilder anklicken)





(Click on this one. It's scarier that way.)

Herbert Sue
Mädi Hausi
Claude Christiane
Elisabeth Fredu


(I'm not implying that this is a scary or funny face. It's just the only one of Beat)



Sylvia Bumsi
Peter Vroni
Susi Martin
Lorenz Rosemarie
Elsbeth Felix
Marcel Regina



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