Thanksgiving '03

November 27, 2003

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     Even though Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the U.S., the rest of the world - including Switzerland - is basically unaware of it. When people in Oberwil asked me about it, the only thing they had been aware of was that it was the day that Americans eat that meat called turkey. You can find turkey here in Switzerland, but you really have to look for it. Most of the people we know had never even tried it. They eat beef, veal, pork, chicken (mostly in the form of Pouletflügeli, or chicken wings), deer, horse, rabbit, and other assorted wild animals. They eat most parts of the animals too, including the liver, the tongue and the stomach. But turkey? No. And when discussing this meat called turkey, most people showed some fear about what it would taste like.

     We decided to invite some of our friends to our house on Thanksgiving so that they could try it. Their reaction was one of pleasure when they found that it was good. (I had an entirely different reaction one day when I had found out that the spaghetti I thought I was chewing on was actually cow's stomach.) We had a great time and Herbert and I were the only ones that didn't go for a second plate.

     The photos that follow are from our first 'real' Thanksgiving in Oberwil. Herbert and I were very busy cooking and getting everything ready and so Laurence took all the photos for us. Thank you Laurence!


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1 - The table.   2 - The turkey. If it looks like a huge turkey, please keep in mind that our oven is not American-sized. It's small. That's why we had another one cooking in the oven downstairs in Yves' apartment.   3 - In the States, it seems that the job of carving the turkey always falls to the man. Although Herbert may not have had the experience of many years of carving, he did a great job with our birds.
4 - Mädi, Christianne and Claude in the 'buffet line'.   5 - Mädi ready to eat.   6 - Okay, I don't know who took this photo because there's Laurence smiling in the middle of it.
7- Me and Herbert enjoying our dinner and our time with friends and family.   8 - Me pouring wine for our neighbor Janine   9 - René trying to hide behind Frieda.

10 - Mädi's boyfriend Hausi couldn't join us for dinner, but he came in time for a piece of pumpkin pie.


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