White Elephant

Christmas Party

December 7, 2003

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     This was the first 'White Elephant' Christmas party for Oberwil. We had it at Mädi's restaurant, the Sternen. It was so much fun that we heard about it from others in the village for the next two weeks. We even heard the suggestion that we would have to have it in the community center next year because so many people want to go.

     If you want to read more specifics about the party go here to my December '03 journal and read the entry on December 8th.


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1 - We invited 26 people to the party and 24 said that they would come. Thinking that some people wouldn't show up, we set the table for about 20. We had to scramble at the last minute to crowd more chairs in when everyone showed up.   2 - We asked everyone to bring a food item to share. We didn't specify what kind and we ended up with a great assortment of delicious snacks.   3 - These are the gifts, waiting to be opened.
4 - Me passing out the numbers that would decide who started each round.   5 - Andreas opening the first gift.   6 - Regina trying to choose a gift to open.
7 - Änneli understood the fun of the game and wasn't afraid to steal a gift from Laurence.   8 - Regina 'trying' to steal another gift from Laurence.   9 - Maybe Laurence was tired of having her gift stolen because when Regina looked inside the box, there was nothing inside. Laurence pretended to be as surprised as Regina, but finally surrendered the hidden gift.
10 - Everyone holding up their gifts to be stolen.   11 - Felix trying to make the decision of which gift to steal next.   12 - di had opened an air compressor early in the game as was shocked when it was finally stolen from her in the last round.
13- After the game was over, every stayed and ate and drank and had fun.   14 - Peter had ended up with a watch at the end of the game that Laurence wanted. Laurence had a cooking pan that she wanted to trade. The negotiations went on for quite a while.   15 - Hausi wasn't able to be with us to play the game. When he showed up, Susi gave him her gift (that she had been unable to give away.) We told him that it was actually the 'grand prize' that he won for being late.
16 - The negotiations continued. Laurence used a towel to shine the pan, hopefully making it more desirable.    17 - Negotiations complete - the trade made.


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