2nd Annual

White Elephant

Christmas Party

January 29, 2005

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     This was our second 'White Elephant' Christmas party. Because I had been in the States until the end of November, we weren't able to set a date in December where most of the people could come. We ended up having this year's party at the end of January. In order to avoid a similar problem next year, everyone has already agreed to the date for next year's party - the first Saturday in December.

     Unlike last year, when the game concept was new to everyone, this year's game started off with absolutely no shyness about stealing gifts from friends. We also had many more 'dud' presents this year which encouraged people to steal rather than risk opening something that could put you out of the game.

     Twenty-seven people came to play, which was a bit crowded for the space in the Sternen. We decided to have next year's party at the Shützenhaus.


     If you don't know what this 'White Elephant' game is, you can check out the rules here.


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1 - The gift table.   2 - One corner of the large, crowded circle of players. The four people on the right are all Americans that Patrick brought with him. It was a treat for me to have them there.   3 - As it always seems to be when I play the white elephant game, I drew the number one. If you don't know the game, that means that I have to go first and I must open a present. I was a little worried when I opened this gift. It was a gallon of seasoned flour for frying and one of the Americans had brought it. I knew that it was a great gift, but I also knew that none of the Swiss would know what it was and therefore, would never steal it from me, basically putting me out of the game. But, one of the two women from the States stole if from me and I was playing again.
4 - Herbert and I are checking out the gift that René opened. It was a large, new skillet. It ended up being the hottest gift of the evening and was the first thing stolen at the beginning of every round.   5 - Herbert stealing the skillet from Regina.   6 - Regina looking around the room trying to decide if there was anything she wanted to steal.
7 - Regina had just opened the worst gift of the evening - a package of diapers for potty training dogs.   8 - Being a great sport, Regina tried to show that the diapers would also fit humans and had tried one on. It was one of the funniest moments of the evening.   9 - In the back of this photo, you can see Regina holding up her diaper package, trying to convince someone to steal it from her. In the last round, Ursula shocked everyone by stealing the diapers. She works in a hospital and knows a woman who can't afford to buy any. She will give them to this woman.
10 - Beat opening an angel vase.   11 - Knowing that the vase was nice, but not something that would be stolen, Beat used good salesmanship skills and filled the vase with wine. (Knowing your audience is always important.)   12 - The angel, waiting to be stolen. (It never was.)
13 - Patrick, Natacha and Herbert after the game finished.


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