Walpurgisnacht &

Maitanndli Stellen


(Night of the Witches &

The Putting of May Pine Trees)


May 1, 2002

(photos follow text)






This was my first experience with the traditions of May 1st and the night before May 1st.  Herbert had explained it to me in emails he had written and in phone conversations the last two years, but this year I was in Oberwil.  I got to see it first hand and it was even funnier than I had thought it would be.

(For an explanation of the May 1st tradition, Click here.)


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1 - One of the trees posted at the home of one of the village girls.   2 - Even at a distance, you can see the trees above the houses.   3 - The 'puppet' that was posted for the girl the boys were not happy with.
4 - After the guys steal stuff from everyone's yard, they leave it in the parking lot of the cheese dairy.   You can see that they can take anything, from patio furniture to hoses to basketball hoops.  They even took someone's garden alligator.   5 - This is the sign of the hairstylist from the street we live on.   6 - One of the local farmers seems to be taking a second look to make sure none of his stuff is there.


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