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I'm an American.  My current home is in Switzerland and that's where this home page is coming from.  I've tried to design this site with 'you' in mind.

For the 'you' that are my friends and family back in the states, I hope this site gives you a glimpse of my life here and an idea of how I'm doing.  I have included cultural notes and photos to help you learn about life in this part of Switzerland. 

For the 'you' that I know in Switzerland, the 'you' that may find pictures of yourself among the photos or your name in my journal, I hope I do you justice.  And, I hope I do justice to your homeland - a place I've come to love.

For the 'you' that found this site through a search engine or by accident, I hope you feel welcome and free to look around.

Whoever 'you' are, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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